Yard Management System

Optimize Your Yard Management YardExpert™ extends the management of your distribution facility beyond the four walls of your warehouse by providing yard and dock door management capabilities. This solution, part of the SCExpert™ Suite, handles all of your shipping and receiving. Made4net's Yard Management System gives you the ability to track pertinent information for trailers and containers including source information (who brought it in, who owns it), status information (where it is, what is on it, how long it has been there) and usage information (where and when it is supposed to be). This level of visibility and control extends the management and optimization of warehouse receiving and shipping operations resulting in improved throughput and customer service. YardExpert™ provides effective task organization of trailer moves transmitted via RF to yard truck drivers (jockeys). Intelligent, system-directed task management lets warehouse personnel know what trailers need to be moved, their location in the yard, the location they are going to, and which yard jockeys are available to do the job. It also allows them to match work tasks with available trailers.

  • Key Functionality:
  • Offers extended inventory management including real-time accurate trailer contents inventories, detailed assets tracking and warehouse inventory
  • Allows the capacity to manage all yard locations, zones and trailers in the enterprise
  • Can be automated to allocate tasks based on driver availability/proximity as well as on user-defined task preference profiles
  • Manages goods in the yard in real time through a graphical display
  • Plans and executes loads
  • Allows carrier self-scheduling via electronic data interchange (EDI) or the Web
  • Increases visibility into Trailer inventory
  • Provides guard check-in and check-out functionality to maintain security and reduce unnecessary wait times
  • Benefits:
  • Complete Inventory Visibility
  • Optimization of Trailers and Carriers
  • Manage and Utilize Yard resources