Transportation Management System

Utilize Your Transportation Resources TransportExpert™ is a transportation resource-scheduling tool that allows the optimal and flexible assignment of Tractor, Trailer, and Driver schedules for a given dispatching scenario. TransportExpert™ helps logistics managers, shippers and third parties simultaneously evaluate shipment alternatives to find the most efficient shipping method. TransportExpert optimizes transportation purchases for both operational effectiveness and cost efficiency, and helps usage of carrier contracts, combine shipments in order to minimize costs, and more. TransportExpert™ Supports and optimizes carrier selection; management of freight rates and carrier contracts; shipment document generation; electronic communication of transportation needs to carriers; and real-time, exception-based visibility of shipment status to partners and customers.

  • Key Functionality:
  • Freight rating and calculation, including accessorials and fuel surcharges
  • Least-cost shipment rating and strategic core carrier selection with volume targets
  • Optimized order and shipment consolidation
  • Freight bill audit and payment
  • Carrier on-boarding program
  • Is available as a hosted solution