Global deployment and support at an affordable price Microsoft’s .NET platform is a pervasive deployment environment - Especially among small and medium businesses but increasingly amongst large and tier-one organizations. All component applications of the SCExpert™ suite are built entirely on .NET. This provides a state of the art, robust, standards based, well supported deployment platform at very affordable prices.

Rich Web-Based, Networked Application Web applications offer tremendous advantages in terms of easy and low cost deployment, dynamic user interface flows and forms and in providing global networked access. All of Made4net’s products are built as Web-Based application fully exploiting these advantages. At the same time, we have taken great care in making sure that the challenges that usually associated with web application are fully addressed, turning these challenges into advantages Networked application – Taking full advantage of the .Net environment to build a full set of Logistics Business Objects, a Service Oriented Architecture and proprietary platform that underlie all our applications, not only is the user interface totally separated from the business logic and services but the same services are seamlessly used by RF devices, automated machinery, third party servers (RFID), third party interfaces. Rich User Interface – While the web is great for browsing, web applications need to provide a much more streamlined user experience in order to maintain user productivity. We have taken great care in making sure that all our web applications indeed fulfill that requirement through a platform that provides a consistent, well defined user interface across all application. Through the use of AJAX technology, we are constantly improving the user experience – We are committed to be fully AJAX enabled by mid 2007. Distributed Deployment – All these choices mean that we can support an unlimited number of deployment scenarios. From a single local server on the client’s site to a distributed network of servers (including an ASP model)