Supply Chain Execution
Supply Chain Execution Solution

Leverage your business processes with adaptive Execution tools

The SCExpert™ platform is a execution platform that easily adapts to your existing IT environment. It includes a suite of integrated products that can be individually deployed, modified or combined as needed based on your business requirements. Built on pure Microsoft technology, based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) deployment and powered by powerful configuration and business process rules mechanisms, SCExpert™ bridges the gap between your Enterprise systems (ERP, MRP, HR etc.) and your operational execution requirements to deliver an end-to-end adaptive Supply Chain Execution solution.

WarehouseExpertTM) DeliveryExpertTM) RoutingExpert(TM) Supply Chain Execution Software

Gain Leadership with Innovative Technology

Built with the latest technology, SCExpert™ offers a true suite of integrated products that are easy to configure and implement and will fit any size business - from a small to a large size enterprise. Built on SOA, SCExpert™ helps businesses respond more quickly and cost-effectively to the changing market conditions. The purpose of using SOA as a business mapping tool is to ensure that the services created properly represent the business view and are not just what technologists think the business services should be. One of the core strengths of SCExpert™ is where the SOA has been gaining ground - in its power as a mechanism for defining business services and operating models and thus provide a structure for IT to deliver against the actual business requirements and adapt in a similar way to the business.

Simplicity and flexibility with ONE Data Model

One data model, one user interface and one system with which your entire supply chain execution functions can be managed. In contrast to other supply chain business applications, that are technically integrated and interfaced on a project basis, SCExpert™ offers one user interface with one Data Model for all its products, and enables a consistent supply chain execution solution.