Dynamic Route Planning Software

RoutingExpert™, an essential tactical decision making tool, will help you optimize & balance distribution profitability and better customer service through routing efficiency. Using advanced industry algorithms and custom routing passes, you can create multiple intelligent route plans faster - maximizing the return on investment in your transportation resources. RoutingExpert™ will enable you to create route plans that optimize and balance both delivery profitability and customer service. Made4net's Route Planning Software allows you to define your planning and optimization based on weight calculation of target functions such as: minimum cost, maximum service level, minimum resources (trucks/trailers). RoutingExpert™ offers powerful cost minimization routines available in a commercial routing system, and enables savings of 10%-30% on transportation costs. This solution is an easy-to-use tool, with user defined rules, which allows a simple and low cost implementation.

  • Key Functionality:
  • Works with geographical tools (maps) and integrated into RTLS (real time location systems)
  • Offers fleet tracking and monitoring
  • Plans Dynamic or Static routes
  • Uses integrated fleets for multi site scheduling
  • Based on user defined weighted rules
  • Calculates Actual VS. Planned
  • Fine-tunes the planned routes based on real time location and actual results
  • Delivers National/Regional/Street level planning and scheduling
  • Benefits:
  • Increase customer service level
  • Save transportation costs
  • Optimize your distribution resources

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