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Made4net in the news SOUTH AFRICAN LEADING CPG DISTRIBUTOR SELECTS MADE4NET TO IMPROVE INVENTORY CONTROL AND DISTRIBUTION PRODUCTIVITYNatela will use WarehouseExpert™ to manage its new distribution center in Johannesburg. (New Jersey, USA, August 3rd, 2006) – Made4net, a leading Supply Chain Execution solutions provider has announced it has entered an agreement with Natela Importers (PTY) Ltd., a leading South African distributor, to implement WarehouseExpert™ in Natela's new distribution center in Johannesburg. The WMS is due to manage all the operational process in the warehouse floor, starting from receiving, through optimized storage, picking, replenishment, stock control and counting, QA and loading. After the system is implemented in the DC in Johannesburg, it is envisaged that it is rolled out to 3 of Natela's regional DC's in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban, to allow a synchronized supply chain infrastructure. Made4net's SCExpert™ solutions will integrate with Syspro - Natela's existing sales & order processing and accounting systems. "After seeking the WMS market for quite long, we have found Made4net's offerings a perfect fit to our needs." said Marius Lange, IT Director in Natela. "The WarehouseExpert™ is a state of the art powerful solution, designed and developed with the top leading technology, requiring simple implementation efforts and much flexibility for future use. We were also impressed with the extended offerings of the SCExpert™ product suite, that can provide us with answers to other aspects of the supply chain such as yard management, transportation management, and online proof of delivery." WarehouseExpert™ is part of the SCExpert™ product suite, built with Made4net's advanced technical architecture. The technology is completely Microsoft based, web-native, database independent, and built using advanced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design principles. As a result, Made4net customers receive a flexible, easy to implement solution that provides high initial ROI and the ability to adapt quickly to changing requirements over time. About Made4net Made4net is a leader in delivering real-time execution solutions for managing the Supply Chain, offering an elite WMS solution for managing small to large warehouses, TMS for managing and optimizing the distribution process, and additional complementary solutions such as Yard Management, Loading Management, Proof of Delivery, to provide an end-to-end execution solution. Made4net's SCExpert™ platform offers a comprehensive yet modular suite of products that may be implemented individually or as a complete end-to-end integrated solution. Our partners and customers find that the SCExpert™ offers the most deep and comprehensive set of capabilities in the supply chain execution industry, supported by an advanced and flexible technical architecture, satisfying both operations and IT requirements. Made4net is committed to expand and develop its sales and marketing channels world wide, and to contribute to our customer's success and profitability.