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Made4net in the news Leading Stevedoring Company in Lithuania Selects WarehouseExpert to Manage New Cold Storage OperationKlaipedos Smelte To Select Made4net Wms For Managing Its New 3PL Business (Paramus, New Jersey, Vilnius, Lithuania May 28, 2007) – Made4Net and its Lithuanian partner Logistikos Projektai have announced the winning of a WMS project in Klaipedos Smelte, a leading stevedoring company in Lithuania. The solution will be jointly implemented by Made4net and Logistikos Projektai in a very tight schedule, with the objective to run a high volume warehouse, early July 2007. Klaipedos Smelte offers a wide range of services, among which cargo handling is one of the main ones. The company that handles different types of cargo, such as fish products, fruit and vegetables, grain, liquid and dry mineral fertilizers, and more, has decided to enter the area of outsourcing cold store services, thus extending its supply chain and logistics offerings. To achieve that objective, Klaipedos Smelte is currently building a 10,000 square meter automated cold storage (Coldstore) building in the port of Klaipeda. The new Coldstore will be situated at the south side on the Smelte terrain on a new quay, aiming to handle an expected annual turnover 400.000 tons in 2010. The coldstore will be equipped with nearly 100 mobile racks that are situated in 5 chambers, enabling the inbound capacity of 200 pallets per an hour. WarehouseExpert™ will seamlessly integrate to Storax controllers of the mobile racking system, to efficiently manage the inbound and outbound processes of this high volume operation. In addition to the automated machinery, the forklifts will be equipped with the latest technology such as Radio Frequency terminals and barcode scanning technology, and will automate all processes starting with unloading the vessels, receipt, optimized storage and putaway within the mobile racks, picking and loading the trains and trucks. "There is no such existing terminal with such an advanced automated systems installed in whole Baltic sea region" says Liutauras Varanavičius, Project manager of new building Coldstore of Klaipedos Smelte. The new warehouse management solution, WarehouseExpert™, will help Klaipedos Smelte leverage its business and position itself as one of the leading 3PL companies in the Baltics. About Klaipedos Smelte Klaipedos Smelte was registered as a private enterprise in 1998. Since that time the value of the company has always been increasing: annual stevedoring turnover grows, the brand of the company becomes well-known both in Lithuania and beyond its boundaries. Klaipedos Smelte gradually grows from a company providing stevedoring services into a systematically functioning logistics system rendering integrated logistics services. For details see: www.smelte.lt About Logistikos Projektai LogistikosProjektai is a leading Lithuanian consulting and integration company with warehousing and distribution as its main focus of activity. The company is involved in various projects starting from warehouse design and layout, simulation and modeling of business processes and ending with implementation of state of the art warehouse management systems. Logistikos projektai seeks to be the “one-stop shop” to customers looking for solutions to run their warehouse more efficiently. About Made4net Made4net delivers real time execution solutions for supply chain management. Its flagship product, WarehouseExpert, is a WMS solution for managing small to large warehouses. WarehouseExpert along with TransportExpert for managing and optimizing the distribution process, and additional complementary modules such as Yard Management, Loading Management and Proof of Delivery, provide a powerful integrated end-to-end execution solution. For more information about Made4net’s comprehensive supply chain execution solution SCExpert™