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Made4net in the news MADE4NET PROOF OF DELIVERY SOLUTION SELECTED BY LEADING MEDICINE DISTRIBUTOR Novolog will use DeliveryExpert™ to expand customer order fulfillment (New Jersey, USA, February, 4th 2005) – Matrix IT, implementation partner of Made4net products in Israel has announced today it will implement the DeliveryExeprt solution with a leading Israeli medicine distributor, Novolog from Petach Tikva. The DeliveryExpert™ will be used by Novolog's 20 truck drivers to receive online distribution tasks, confirmation of goods in drop point, capture of customer's signature to approve order receipt, and more. A powerful dashboard will be installed in the distribution center displaying online shipment progress, based on the field reports, enabling better control and global visibility. About Matrix Matrix is the leading information technology company in Israel. Its approximately 2,500 IT professionals design, manage, and execute some of the largest projects in the country, developing software products and solutions, and implementing new technologies. Matrix provides services in every area of IT, including testing, consulting, outsourcing, training and deployment, infrastructure and hardware. It markets and represents the world’s leading software companies and programs in Israel. Matrix customers include hundreds of leading organizations in Israel from industry, commerce, banking, insurance and finance, telecom, security, health, high-tech, and the public and government sector. Matrix is traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange and is included in the Tel-Aviv 100 Index (TA100). In 2005 the company's sales reached NIS 1.06B, with a net profit of NIS 42M. After filing the financial reports for 2005, Matrix showed 20 consecutive quarters of growth in income and net profit. For details see: www.matrix.co.il About Made4net Made4net is a leader in delivering real-time execution solutions for managing the Supply Chain, offering an elite WMS solution for managing small to large warehouses, TMS for managing and optimizing the distribution process, and additional complementary solutions such as Yard Management, Loading Management, Proof of Delivery, to provide an end-to-end execution solution. Made4net's SCExpert™ platform offers a comprehensive yet modular suite of products that may be implemented individually or as a complete end-to-end integrated solution. Our partners and customers find that the SCExpert™ offers the most deep and comprehensive set of capabilities in the supply chain execution industry, supported by an advanced and flexible technical architecture, satisfying both operations and IT requirements. Made4net is committed to expand and develop its sales and marketing channels world wide, and to contribute to our customer's success and profitability.