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Made4net in the news Made4net’s Warehouse Management System Ushers “New Era” For Leading South African Food DistributorNatela chose to use Made4net's WarehouseExpert to manage its new distribution center in Johannesburg . Natela’s recent implementation of Made4net’s warehouse management system has already shown a marked improvement for the DC and stands to provide Natela with a hefty ROI. (New Jersey, USA and Cape Town, South Africa - April 3rd, 2007) – Made4net, a leading Supply Chain Execution solutions provider, has recently completed the implementation of its Warehouse Management System, WarehouseExpert™ in the new central DC of Natela Importers (PTY) Ltd., South Africa's leading food distributor. The new distribution center in Johannesburg, sprawls on an area of 10,000 square meters, and was designed to meet the distribution challenges of supply chain leaders. Made4net began the implementation of WarehouseExpert in late September 2006. Upon completion in February 2007 Made4net successfully launched WarehouseExpert™ in Natela’s distribution center, empowering the new central DC with total end to end management of its operational process. The DC can now capitalize on WarehouseExpert™ for superior inventory visibility capabilities and optimized resource utilization. WarehouseExpert™ controls all the operational processes in the Natela’s distribution center, starting from receiving, through optimized storage, picking, replenishment, stock control & counting, Quality Assurance and loading. The warehouse staff uses RF mobile terminals from Psion Teklogix, enabling real time inventory management, process and resource utilization, and higher level of visibility. The newly-implemented WMS also provides Natela with complete inventory synchronization owing to WarehouseExpert™’s ability to interface with Syspro (Natela's existing sales & order processing and accounting systems, and one of South Africa's leading ERP's). "This is a new era for us. Having the ability to be in control of every operation on the warehouse level, contributes significantly to the efficiency of the business." said Marius Lange, IT and Logistics Director at Natela Importers. "Our cost associated with picking has already been decreased, with an increasing growth in revenue. In addition, we have become much more responsive to the needs of our clients, and this has significantly increased our service level and customer care." "This is a major milestone for Made4net in the South African market" said Amit Levy, Director of Made4net. "This implementation was accomplished in less than 5 months, which proves once again that our powerful solutions can meet the budget and requirements of not only the huge companies, but also small and medium logistic player. We are committed to providing our customer with innovative supply chain solutions that help increase profitability and improve efficiency."WarehouseExpert™ is part of the SCExpert™ product suite, built with Made4net's advanced technical architecture. The technology is completely Microsoft based, web-native, database independent, and built using advanced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design principles. As a result, Made4net customers receive a flexible, easy to implement solution that provides high initial ROI and the ability to adapt quickly to changing requirements over time.About NATELA Natela Importers is one of the leading food distributor in South Africa, importing and selling top international brands such as Ferrero Roche, Kinder, Nestle, Yougata and more. Natela is headquartered in Johannesburg, with a strong distribution infrastructure that covers the entire country, via a central DC in Johannesburg and satellite warehouses in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban. About Made4net Made4net is a leader in delivering real-time execution solutions for managing the Supply Chain, offering an elite WMS solution for managing small to large warehouses, TMS for managing and optimizing the distribution process, and additional complementary solutions such as Yard Management, Loading Management, Proof of Delivery, to provide an end-to-end execution solution.