Maximize Your Distribution Capacity The fact you use a Transportation System, or Dynamic Routing module, does not mean you have accomplished the distribution task. Once the plan is made, the goods must be loaded efficiently. This is especially true for materials with special transportation requirements such as beverages. LoadingExpert™ analyzes and optimizes the loading of both bay and bulk vehicles. Multiple loading strategies can be employed to meet the needs of all delivery types and warehouse requirements. Being a part of the SCExpert™ product suite, it will ensure efficient and appropriate picking in the WMS that will meet the loading/unloading criteria's taking into consideration the vehicle / SKU constraints.

  • Key Functionality:
  • ensures accurate and quick load design for Multiple Route Types - Each type of route requires different loading patterns. Determine (or assign) equipment to warehouse bays with capacities, preferences or even empty bays for returned goods
  • Enables Multiple Loading Strategies - Different delivery operations require different loading strategies. Our warehouse-friendly software allows for greater picking efficiencies by grouping SKUs and driver-friendly groups product by stop, minimizing the number of bays a driver must visit at each stop
  • Supports Pre-Build Orders - Load orders to be picked, built and pre-staged throughout the day, all while continuing to have them allocated to the correct route and truck during the final loading pass
  • Load Design to Reduce Product Breakage - Most breakage occurs within the first 10 minutes of a route due to poor packing. LoadingExpert's leading loading algorithms allow for proper mixing and stacking to reduce breakage
  • Benefits:
  • Increase customer service level
  • Decreases transportation costs
  • Optimize your distribution capacity