Make Your Logistics more Profitable With BillingExpert™, you can control your operational costs and increase the profitability of your logistics services. This rich solution allows you to manage and track all inventory handling, storage fulfillment and transportation activities by business unit or client. For logistics service providers, this solution can help improve contract management with the client and increase billing accuracy and level of service. This tool will allow you to review invoices and ensure the appropriate discounts are taken into account on a client-by-client basis, including auditing and posting of charges that allow adjustments prior to final invoicing. BillingExpert™ is based on real-time data, extracted from the warehouse management and transportation management systems, and is set as a basis for creating billing records that are based on user defined rules. This will allow you to easily track and assign charges to any logistic/operational event resulting in accurate visibility on your costs and improved profitability.

  • Benefits:
  • Tracks all inventory handling, storage and fulfillment activities by unit and/or storer/client
  • Affixes charges to all internal or client-driven activities
  • Billing is done based on actual activity
  • Increases billing accuracy and bottom line profitability
  • Advanced billing contract definitions, per client
  • Provides invoice generation through host/ERP integration