Innovation, Professionalism and Experience In Today’s challenging distribution environment, small companies feel out-muscled by their larger competitors. But with the right technology and flexible fulfillment process, smaller players can use the flexibility and agility to outmaneuver their large competitors and gain a competitive edge in the market. Made4net was formed by IT supply chain veterans, in order to answer the growing demands of the small and medium logistics market with a strong vision of delivering a complete solution that would cover the entire chain. We know that different industries need specialized solutions and that every business faces unique challenges, and therefore we have managed to create a set of tools that will answer the ever changing requirements of the various market segments and verticals, through quick deployment and seamless integration. Our SCExpert™ solution set begins with a powerful, feature-packed WMS that includes complete inventory management functionality, powerful third-party billing, native RF, labeling, barcoding and RFID support, and easily-customizable reporting tools. It continues with powerful transportation management, including a loading optimization mechanism, yard control, and delivery confirmation via mobile terminals. What sets Made4net apart is a unique combination of best-in-market functionality, flexibility, affordability and time-to-benefit for small, medium and large organization who's business requires advanced distribution and logistics operations or are providers of logistic services. Made4net is dedicated to assuring its software leads the market, and is committed to the success of its partners, and the satisfaction of its customer. Since profitably adding value in the business of logistics and distribution is primarily dependent upon a firm's IT, having a great solution is a necessity, not a luxury. Made4net delivers the most robust range of standard features and functionality in the supply chain execution marketplace at any price. You can spend much more, or even a little less, but you will never find a more affordable solution than our SCExpert™ suite.