Warehouse Management System (WMS) image

Made4net's Warehouse Management System Capabilities

WarehouseExpert™ will track and manage each and every unit from Receiving to the warehouse, through its efficient Storage, Inventory management, Replenishment/Pick&Pack, loading & Shipping, and up to more sophisticated functionality such as Billing, Cross Docking, RFID support and more. Due to its unique flexible architecture, and fast implementation capabilities, WarehouseExpert™ will meet the size and business requirements of any organization - from small businesses to large enterprises and logistics service providers - delivering the right functionality that will help maximize operational efficiency and increase throughput.

  • Key Functionality:
  • Advanced product management
  • High resolution Storer/Client/Ownership tracking
  • Dynamic product attributes (lot, date control, size & color, etc.)
  • Receiving
  • Policy based Putaway and Picking
  • Packing
  • Loading
  • Replenishment and Counting
  • Shipping
  • VAS
  • VMI
  • Billing