An adaptive network of services The SCExpert™ suite is made up of a network of independent services (Service Oriented Architecture SOA) that can be accessed asynchronously though a messaging layer (MSMQ). This architecture allows for these services to be accessed from any networked application possessing the right permissions without the need for knowledge of that service’s underlying implementation and logic.

In practical terms, this provides consistent execution of business logic from any application client – be it an user on a web browser, a mobile device or automated machinery – as well as a tremendous flexibility in defining the business flow that best fits an organization’s requirements. Examples of application services in a warehouse environment would be inventory transactions, space allocation, pick planning etc. while platform services would include things like Audits, Reporting, Labeling, Task scheduling and more. External systems can also interact with all of our applications through Web Services using standard XML formatted messages and just as other clients access the same business logic.