WMS for the Small and Medium Market

The Perfect Solution for any Budget

How can your small or medium business remain competitive in the global marketplace? How can you meet the expectations of customers and partners while still controlling costs? The answer is to choose smart and affordable IT solutions that are easy to install and maintain, but still give you the power, security, and functionality of enterprise-strength systems—at a fraction of the cost. Made4net's SCExpert for SME will allow you to make greater control and gain valuable insight of your business by optimizing your logistic resources. SCExpert for SME has been designed to fit the limited budgets of small and medium businesses and their need for lower overall cost and faster time-to-value, by using innovative technology that provides rule based configuration tools.

    Benefits for the SMB market:

  • Rapid implementation
  • Elite functionality
  • Self Exploratory
  • Compatible for warehouses with 1 user and up
  • Flexible user defined solution

    With SCExpert for SME you can:

  • Start small and add components when you need them
  • Streamline operations and gain operational business intelligence
  • Sharpen competitiveness with industry-specific functionality
  • Slash costs and increase profitability

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