Leverage your SAP Business One Logistics Capabilities Made4Net’s WarehouseExpert™ 1, provides innovative warehouse management systems for the small and medium size companies using SAP Business One, to enable better fulfillment and ensure customer satisfaction. WarehouseExpert™ 1 offers extensive facility management from a single to multiple warehouse logistic operations, through internet technology that enables a complete supply chain visibility. WarehouseExpert™ 1 minimizes stock carrying costs through accurate stock location management, audited quantity on-hand and stock rotation. With WarehouseExpert™ 1 Order Management, warehouses can easily pick and supply customers demand, assuring accuracy and high level order fulfillment. The various pick methods, enable the flexibility required in a warehouse to answer customers’ ever-changing requirements on the one hand, and delivers warehouse floor efficiency by improving labor utilization, on the other. WarehouseExpert™ 1 supports RF and Voice terminals and pre-designed barcode label to ensure maximum operational floor productivity. By providing immediate visibility to inventory changes, online inventory management and high counting capabilities, WarehouseExpert™ 1 ensures high performance with stock accuracy and minimizes stock-outs, enabling high profitability.

  • Key Features:
  • Advanced product management
  • 3PL client oriented stock management
  • Dynamic product attributes (lot, date control, size & color, etc.)
  • Receiving
  • Policy based Putaway and Picking
  • Packing
  • Counting and Inventory Traceability
  • Shipping
  • Benefits:
  • Increase productivity and resource utilization
  • Increase inventory and operational accuracy
  • Reduce stock and meet demand

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