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Made4net Events ProMat 2009! Come See us - Booth #4552Cutting supply chain costs in your warehouse operations is a necessity at all times, let alone during this tough economy. Knowing where to cut costs to improve customer service and maintain a competitive edge should be your top priority.
But how do you know where the real cost savings are? How will you know if you are not cutting supply chain costs at the expense of customer service? Do you have the tools and supply chain visibility crucial to optimizing and saving across your supply chain? And what will your real ROI be when you invest in a supply chain execution solution? Now you can get the inside view into cutting costs and improving your supply chain efficiency with Made4net’s supply chain execution experts. When you visit booth 4552 at ProMat, our experts will provide you with a personalized demonstration of WarehouseExpert’s effective cost savings and execution optimizing capabilities. The Made4net team will address all your questions and concerns regarding your warehouse operations within and beyond the four walls.
The Made4net team will be happy to address ProMat guests’ questions and to schedule personal demonstrations of Made4net products. You’ll learn how your business can react quickly to real-time events with our superior warehouse management system WarehouseExpert. WarehouseExpert is Made4net’s warehouse management system that small and medium organizations can seamlessly integrate with their business and execution systems. WarehouseExpert truly delivers affordable functionality found in the most sophisticated high-end systems. WarehouseExpert delivers advanced features like flexible UOM, packaging definitions and rule-based putaway and picking and much more. Visit Made4net at ProMat booth #4552 to see how you can cut supply chain costs with a live demonstration of WarehouseExpert. Solutions That Make The Supply Chain Work - ProMat is North America's premier material handling and logistics event. Register for ProMat! Click on the image below!
For details contact Nancy Berger or go to: www.made4net.com